Need to raise funds?  With the slow economic recovery, rising prices and stagnant wages;  Donations are down. Way Down!

 What if there was a way you could help your supporters while they’re helping you.  Well now there is!

GoodLife USA $200 VIP Club Card. Our Hotel Savings Card gives your supporters up to $200 savings on over 900,000 Hotels and Resorts WORLD WIDE!

Anyone from anywhere in the world can use our $200 VIP Club Card and enjoy exclusive hotel savings worldwide!

Like the Hilton Garden Inn in Anaheim California. Internet Price $199, OUR PRICE $166, You Save $32 a night. A seven night stay can save you over $225.

How about The Coco Key Hotel and Water Resort in Orlando Florida. Internet Price $193, Our Price $108, You Save $85 a night! A seven night stay saves you $600!

Or a Beach Palace All Inclusive Resort in Cancun, Mexico. Internet Price $649, Our Price $503. You Save $145 a night for over $1,000 savings on a seven night stay.

How about a five star hotel in Paris France? Internet Price $356, Our Price $319. You save over $36 a night. A seven night stay for over $250 savings!

Not only will your customers feel really appreciated, they’ll tell their friends, too! Helping you raise even more funds!  And we all know word of mouth advertising is the best advertising there is!

​So, what does a $200 VIP Savings Card cost you?
Believe it or not, our $200 VIP Savings Cards are only 20 cents each! Yep! Just 20 cents each!

Co-Branded VIP Savings Cards are also available.
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​The standard card’s minimum quantity is 100 cards which comes to a cost of 20 cents each or $20 plus shipping. You can go all the way to 25,000 or more for just 8 cents each plus shipping.

Co-Branded VIP Cards have a onetime setup fee of $299, 5,000 minimum for 25 cents apiece plus shipping, or over 50,000 for 15 cents apiece plus shipping.

Be one of the first to offer this great value to your supporters!
So, How Does It Work? You order your $200 VIP Cards. Your Group offers them for a $5 or more donation, raising funds for your worthy cause and offering exceptional potential value to your supporters!

You can fund raise the old way; have a carwash and maybe raise $85 or spend that $40 on 200 VIP Cards, and raise $1,000
You can sell Donuts? Invest $50 and maybe break even. Or you can use that $50 to get 250 VIP Cards and raise over $1,200.
A raffle? You might raise $200 spending $180. Spend that $180 on 1,000 VIP Cards, for a potential of raising more than $5,000.
You can beg for donations and maybe raise $500. Or spend $60 for 300 VIP Cards and potentially raise over $3,000.
Have a Gala and invest $4,800 and maybe raise $1,200. Or spend that $4,800 on 60,000 VIP Cards, and potentially raise over time over $600,000.


Raise Funds with your $200 VIP Hotel Savings Cards? Or keep begging for donations the old way? Which Fundraiser Makes More Sense to You?

So, what are you waiting for?  Let's get started!


Edwin Atlas
(240) 447-0102 or